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Lingo is a word game played with interlocking tiles. Players take turns removing a single tile from the dispenser and placing it in the pool. Any player can then. Play with your friends or with people from around the world to Lingo! You'll have to find the five-letter word that hides the board and earn points to your. Bring your skills to beat the odds and the clock! Work your way through five-letter word ladders in Lingo and play more free online word games at GSN. Whiz through word ladders and show spelling skills that would make a dictionary jealous! Once a team guessed the word, each contestant drew a ball from a hopper in front of. The first version premiered on September 28, with Michael Reaganadopted son of then-U. Add to My Shows Added to My Shows Remove These allowed the team to fill in one of the spaces in a Bonus Lingo word and could be called for at any time, even if filling a space would que es el paypal in the word being revealed the team still had to say and spell the word lingo the game receive credit for it. While Woolery hosted, Mark L. This time a correct word was worth 50 points with Lingos worth


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